How does this project fit into Marco’s Comprehensive Plan?

Planned Unit Development District (PUD)

As per Marco Island’s City Plan, “the purpose and intent of establishing the PUD is to provide procedures and standards to encourage mixed use planned developments that may be instituted at appropriate locations, all in accordance with the planning and development objectives of the city under this code and the comprehensive plan.

It is further the purpose and intent of these PUD regulations to encourage ingenuity, innovation and imagination in the planning, design, and development or redevelopment of land under unified ownership or control. PUDs produced in compliance with the terms and provisions of this code and the comprehensive plan may depart from the strict application of setback, height, and minimum lot requirements of conventional zoning districts while maintaining minimum standards by which flexibility may be accomplished, and while protecting the public interest, so that:

• The proposed 8.6 unit per acre ALF results in a project of lesser intensity/impact than a SF/MF development at the maximum allowed density of 12 unit per acre. We are proposing 86 units, although 120 are allowed by the plan.

• Due to smaller size of units, smaller average household size, age-restriction, and on-site recreational uses, there will be no impact on schools and reduced impacts on parks, roadways, and public infrastructure.

• Per FL statutes, we meet the definition of “consistency” and we are compatible with the general guidelines and intent of the Comprehensive Plan.